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Stupe against Hermit

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The civilization fights with new barbarians in Libyan desert

Kirill Svetitskiy
Thanks Squid Room for help in translation
Game over
 — They are ready to tear this idiot, — said UN senior official to our secret informer in New York. And he didn't tell about Mummar Ghaddafi.

Sure they want to tear to bits Ghaddafi, but it became impossible because he breaks all rules of modern world of politics. He doesn't make a prostitute from himself or his country, he can't be bought or frightened. According to the traditions of the modern unipolar world Ghaddafi already should deliver himself to Gaaga with rope and soap bought on his own money. Or his friends should already sell him our for 30 pretty silver coins. But such easy and expectable events didn't happened. Ghaddafi just wastes time of serious people who wanted globalize the world without moving their ass.

According to the words of UN senior official, despite of public statements which were done by anti-Lybian coalition just to impress public, the situation in Lybia is in deadlock now. The main man responsible for everything won't be Barack Obama, because USA is still important country for its partners. To act against America still feels dangerous despite of fact that its economy is ruined and streets are filled with demonstrants who protest against abolish of social programs. There even were "orange revolutions" in some states of the country during which angry citizens ruined government buildings. Anyway, USA still has instruments that help influence its satellite countries and its leaders, who are afraid to bark at lion who feel himself in agony before death.

Thought they are ready to bark because of foolishness of situation they got into. Nobody knows what they should to Ghaddafi now. Nobody beliefs that it is possible to win his army by dropping bombs. The rockets are expensive and soon they will end, but this bedouin still haven't crawled on his knees to Gaaga's tribunal. The idea of leading troupes on country's land frightens them very much. Americans don't have enough cannon-fodder for the third war and Europeans can't decide who is their leader during this war in fact. Not because everyone wants honor, but because no one wants responsibility. And do you imagine war without head commander? There are some real army forces, who are fighting state Lybian army, while clowns on drugs from Egypt perform as "rebels" in front of photographer's and TV cameras. But this forces are not able to fight the whole army. Their aim was originally to teach Egyptian rebels fight and to manipulate them. But there are no real rebel minded people among Ghaddafi's opposition.

The high-ranking leaders are already enjoy jokes about bombing Libya with nuclear weapon. But these jokes are no fun, because in the case of dropping bombs there will be a question about reason of all campaign. If the country will be under radiance, it will be rather hard to steal Libyan oil even from the sea, and the huge underground lake of Libya with a fresh water also will be of no use. Seems like they can't destroy their price. And at the same time they can't capture it using the neat campaign.

The western diplomats (especially americans) look like they are offended by president Medvedev and prime minister Putin. They wanted to drop the idea of war when realized that Ghaddafi never buy rope and soap. Diplomats waited for the Russian veto, they prepared the menacing speeches and a cold champagne for a little party. But Medvedev wasn't a real russian bear to protest against american dying lion. Putin was the last hope, but he decided not to mix himself with any kind of dirt before elections.

Contemporary political elite during the campaign against independent Libya reminds a group of swan, cancer and pike from Russian fable by Krilov: they are tied together in a cart and going to opposite directions. And no one wants to be driver of this cart. This is the main problem of so called New World Order which makes the success of anti-libyan campaign impossible. Who is the lucky lottery ticket? That's the biggest mystery. The long-term predictions of analysts are sad. They predict that now, after the end of economic crisis, even people from rich countries won't be able sacrifice their taxes to pay dropping bombs in Libya.

The most horrifying fact, according to western diplomats predictions, that at the end of anti-libyan campaign Russia and China will grab in their hands Lybian oil and gas. There are different opinions about Germany - some think that solidarity with NATO partners will force them to refuse from price.

American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is secretly hated. She organized such splendid information war against Ghaddafi in mass media, that it turned upside down minds of people who wanted to divide Libyan pie and they themselves started to believe in words they say. The beginning of the political campaign against Ghaddfi reminded a virtual game where Order of Crusaders fights with Dark Monster. In fact Hillary had no idea who Ghaddafi was, she decided don't waste time to investigate this fact. He was just another sort of people, the people she never met in post-modern times when everything can be sold and bought in 5 minutes. Ghaddafi didn't pretended a man who doesn't needs posh palaces and can be satisfied by sitting in a little tent in the desert, he really liked it! He was sincere in his actions and words and it was the biggest nightmare of America. The myth about his personality that mass media created was ruined. "Order of Crusaders" transformed into oil digging goblins and "Dark Monster" transformed into honorable hermit.

When USA and its satellite countries saw announcement "Game over", they started to search a loser who will take responsibility for it. At first it was Hillary Clinton, then US Defense minister Robert Gates, then they both quarreled and don't see a way out from this situation. Hillary is already called a stupe in diplomatic circles. But she's not against it, because you can't lay responsibility on a fool.

All this story can be a good plot for "Muppet show" and someday everybody would laugh at the fact that Western politics at the beginning of 21 century was so sold out that no one could image a honest man existing somewhere in the desert. But today its not fun because real rockets are killing real people in Libya and Ukrainian doctors are calling us to report about real situation in the country that we can't learn from sold out mass media and every time we are afraid that it's their last call. This happens because time when countries and humans could live independent from the other world is ending.

After the UN shameful resolution №1973 anyone got right to destroy any borders. Got rights to destroy any borders by the total lies in Orwell style, by bombing whole country or by putting a knife into you - there's no big difference. But now UNO, the highest political advisory organization on Earth, establish it as a normal moral standard for all people by the resolution of Security Council № 1973. Before that it was a crime.

At the hight of its prosperity Western civilization (where Russia wants to get) modified to the world where barbarians and cannibals dressed according to the last fashion eat a tie on dessert. After seeing them, a lot of europeans with a strange hope look to sad Libyan desert, where a original civilization is. It isn't an european culture. It isn't an ideal for all. But it's a human civilization where a really honorable government power "jamahiria" is fighting with western barbarians and their satellites for her rights like a hero of action movie. Many europeans are looking into the civilized Libyan desert now and sincerely wish victory to Mummar Ghaddafi. Such a paradox!

If it's interesting yet I can report the name of loser, who will be blamed for everything that happens. His name is Nicola Sarkozi. High-ranged diplomats are sure he's a rat inside trap. And Sarkozi will be teared to bits. Everyone takes money, but only he was caught by his hand.

Seems he will won't need his tie any more. 

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