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Benghazi: a snake's nest of Al-Qaeda

Originally posted by kir_t34 at Benghazi: a snake's nest of Al-Qaeda

Reports from Libya and the events around it exceeded the amount of information published in the international media about the African country with a population of 5 million people over the past 40 years.

Despite this, some significant, we can say crucial details of what's really going on in Libya remain outside the focus of media and, consequently, the general public.

"Transitional Government" of " so called «pro-democratic forces» who are fighting against the regime of Colonel Gaddafi is based in the city of Benghazi. Government, or the Council recognized as the sole legitimate representative of the Libyan people, France and Portugal (It should be noted that the term "the Libyan people" is an abstraction that lives entirely in the minds of Western diplomats. Libya inhabited by about 140 tribes. The conflict between the various tribes is that that the West is perceived as a "struggle for democracy"). Despite the recognition of the legitimacy of the "transitional government" of its representatives, the purpose and the social structure is unknown. Unknown even the names of several members of the Council - for "security reasons".

This fact can not but cause regret - the West got involved in Libyan conflict, supporting the supposedly more "humane" and "democratic" alternative to the regime of Gaddafi. Shocking truth may be the complete opposite. Last week, wikileaks published two telegrams to the American embassy in Tripoli, dating from 2008. American diplomats reported that the Benghazi and the surrounding region is one of the main ideological and political bases worldwide terrorist network Al Qaeda, as well as one of the major regions, are available in hot spots of the world and the jihadist suicide bombers.

At the end of this week in the American press publications appeared describing the outline of the analytical report of the American Military Academy at West Point, released in December 2007. Report describes the structure of "foreign jihadists" in Iraq. The report compiled and analyzed data on 600 foreign Mujahideen who infiltrated into Iraq from Syria in the autumn of 2007. Personal data jihadists were captured during a raid by coalition forces in the town of Sinjar near the Syrian border.

The most startling revelation of the report is directly related to what is happening now in Libya. Of the 600 people on which there is data, 41% were Saudi nationals. In second place - Libya - a country where the population is 4 times less. Moreover, all of Libyan terrorists have come from the triangle of Benghazi, Derna, Tobruk, which is the heart of "rebellion against Gaddafi."

Publication analyst Daya Gamadzh Asia Tribune wrote: "According to the report, West Point, the largest number of fighters - 52 arrived in Iraq from the city of Derna in eastern Libya. In second place after him - the Saudi capital Riyadh, which sent 51 fighter, whose population exceeds 4 million. Dern live in 80000. 21 people in Iraq had been sent from Benghazi, and this is a disproportionately high number too. "

From Derna and Benghazi is the largest number of militants of Al Qaeda, per capita – 1 to 1500 population. The report's authors point to West Point: "The vast majority of Libyan fighters - come from the coastal cities of Benghazi and Derna on the north-east of the country. Both cities have long characterized the dominant ideology of militant Islam, both served as the center of the uprising of radical Islamists against Gaddafi in the mid-90 years. Benghazi and Derna is a base Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), which in 2007 formally merged with al-Qaeda.

Benghazi - the center of the region Serenaika, over the past two centuries, successfully fought against the influence of the central government in Libya. Ethnic differences of Arabs living in Tripolitania, and Arabs living in Serenaiku have their roots in the 11 st century. Real power in Serenaike for decades belonged to the representatives of the Sufi Order Sanussi, founded in 1842 in Al-Bayda. The Order is exceptionally rigid, conservative and anti-Western interpretation of Islam. The first king of independent Libya, Idriss, Qaddafi deposed in 1969, was head of the Order. That is why the banner of the current "rebellion", which you can see an infinite number of times in the reports of Al-Jazeera became the royal flag.

In the mid-90's in Benghazi and Derna Islamist uprising broke out against the "heretics" Qaddafi. Benghazi was blocked, the telephone was cut. The uprising was suppressed - perhaps because in the 90's, there were no Al-Jazeera and the Internet.

Tribal support the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, which, as noted in the report of West Point, is playing an increasing role in guiding the global al-Qaeda, is the tribe Kharaba. Dominant figure, the chairman of the "transitional government" Benghazi is deserting the camp Gaddafi's former Minister of Justice Abdul Jalil Mustafa - a member of the tribe Kharaba.

In an extensive report of the authoritative American Analytical Institute STRATFOR "tribal dynamics of Libya made a serious attempt to understand the chaos that reigns today in this country, the tribe Kharaba it says:" Kharaba tribe is the first Libyan monarch Irissa Senussi. Kharaba. Traditionally is the dominant force in eastern Libya, under the regime of Colonel Qaddafi has lost all influence. Qaddafi seized most of the tribal lands and redistributed them among the weaker and less significant tribes. Many of the leaders of this "uprising" in the first place, Mustafa Abdul Jalil are members of this tribe. If properly scratched these leaders, you'll find that their families are the backbone of the monarchy Senussi.

Libyan uprising, thus, is a toxic mixture of hatred against Gaddafi, an extreme form of Islamic fundamentalism and the clearest expression of African tribalism. Participation in such an event, even Al-Qaeda does not seem well thought out way. But what the West is making there?
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