Кирилл Светицкий (kir_t34) wrote,
Кирилл Светицкий

The FIRST and UNIQUE evidence that the aircraft of Gaddafi bombed civilians (VIDEO)

It's impossible to watch without crying

Кирилл Светицкий

Such broadcasters as BBC, CNN, Sky News, "Al-Jaseera", "First Channel", "Russia", "NTV", "Uriupinsk News Corp." and others trembled for a long time to show the international community the real evidence of crimes Libyan bloody tyrant. Like US president Barak Obama who refuses to show his certificate of birth now. They feared for life scare children. However, the most intellectual part of the international community has asked puzzled now, are not stories about the bombing of Libyan cities with the Air Force civilians usual bullshit and blatant propaganda? Therefore, Western journalists are forced to publish unique, absolutely exclusive videos of inhuman cruelty. Russian television, as usual, is waiting for permission.

There are absolutely reliable video are were shown in a small circle before the voting of resolution number 1973 in UN Security Council. Due to these convincing evidence the U.S. successfully forced the approval of the resolution through the Security Council. These videos angered Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and forced him to take a courageous decision: to declare granddaughters Muammar Gaddafi persona non grata in the Russian Federation. Now these videos are available for you to view. Watch and be horrified!

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