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Nicolas Sarkozy and 35 pieces of silver

Kirill Svetitskiy
Thanks Ekaterina Stevens for translation

French President Nicolas Sarkozy valued his services for the recognition of representatives of al-Qaeda as the legitimate government of Libya as 35% of the oil from oil fields in Libya.

Николя Саркози подсчитывает барыши

It became known from a letter that the so-called "People's Front for the Liberation of Libya" sent to it's sponsors. "People's Front for the Liberation of Libya" lives outside of Libya and is closely associated with the so-called "interim government of Libya" - people, whose names are still unknown well. The only known names are of those who belong to a number of activists of Al-Qaeda. They lead the guerrillas, which the legitimate authority of that country is displacing from occupied territory of Libya now. The first state that has recognized the leaders of gangs as a "legitimate government of Libya," even if the names of all of them have not been named, was France, represented by its president, Nicolas Sarkozy. Such haste has caused confusion even among those countries that have declared their intention to support the overthrow of the legitimate authorities in Libya and sent its forces into the region in order to destroy the military infrastructure of an independent state. Now, when NATO's bombing did not bring any success to this alliance and to gangs, when Libya's regular army are clearing the national territory from the bandits, the bandits seem to have lost caution. They sent a letter with a cry for help to their foreign sponsors, where explicitly reminded of the price they offered France for support and it was agreed by Sarkozy. All this tragedy, all the dead and wounded, the bloodshed were needed to French President in order to get his 35% of the oil producing in Libya. More than one third of export earnings of the country is the price that gangsters are willing to pay for their rise to power.

One of the characters mentioned in the letter is also Interesting. It is Mr. Mahmoud Shammam. His name is surprisingly the same name as a director of TV channel Al Jazeera (Al Jazeera International). That same channel, to whom we owe the lion's share of lies against the legitimate authorities of Libya - lies that still filling the airwaves of almost every country in the world.

And how many screams about "democracy"! It was found purely thieves business: to rob the country and divide. No revolutionary romance ...

A reader may judge an authenticity of the letter. I almost have no doubt the authenticity of this document. In the near future, I hope an authenticity will be fully proved.

Below you can find the text of the letter translated into Russian and English languages, as well as a scanned copy of the letter in Arabic.

Libyan People's Opposition Committee
About the oil agreement between France
and the interim government of Libya


To Brothers in Qatar, UAE
To Mr. Amr Moussa (Secretary-General of the Arab League)

At our meeting in London the decision on an official representative from Libya was made. We confirm that we are actively cooperating with the Government of France through our council and thank you for your help in protecting Libya. We confirm that our official representative for you and the entire West will be Mr. Mahmoud Shammam, instead of Mr. Mahmoud Gebrilya. We found that Gebrilya betrayed us to Colonel Gaddafi, and as a result it caused a great amount of damage to our movement.

Under the earlier decision reached at a conference in London, we act according to our agreement with the French Government for recognizing us, instead of Colonel Gaddafi as an official representative of Libya for the international community. On our side, our spokesman, Mahmoud Shammam will sign the document, on which 35% of all reserves of Libyan crude oil will belong to France. Also, we ask for military support, the supply of arms and ammunition in specified amount. A list of weapons we require from you has been sent. We beg you to speed up your decision, as Colonel Gaddafi's army controls almost the entire territory of Libya, except the city of Benghazi.

The letter will be delivered via your Embassy in France
or by fax.
Provisional People's Committee
The representative of the Libyan people

Письмо о 35 сребренниках

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