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Let use it on your sites, blogs and forums!

Kirill Svetitskiy

Finally, I have created this extremely useful thing - a script (widget), which shows the headers of massages for the current day by the people in Libya who send out messages to Twitter and Facebook. Due to the fact that the media lying non-stop about Libya war, we faced with the problem of obtaining reliable information. But people in Libya who are trying just a sense of duty run efficiently messages on the Internet that is really going on. Thay say truth. Pretty tricky, I "forced" the whole chain of Internet services so that they receive the information properly and from the right sources, process it and issued as a result of this magical script.
All possible sources are collected now, so there is no need to surf Internet  searching eyewitness messages. The widget make this for you. NATO media-machine will burst of anger when it will see that there are credible news on the Internet faster than news agencies programmed and paid for lie ;). This script can be placed anywhere in the site or blog - it will stretch itself to the desired width, fully preserving the functionality and design. There are two versions of widget: Russian and English.

How to use the widget:

Click on the thumbnail Muammar Gaddafi in the upper left corner of the widget for open or minimize the widget, if necessary.
Click on the widget title to jump to the page where news is presented in expanded mode.
Click on the header of the message for jump to page where news from the author's message are in expanded form — not for a day, but over a long period of time.

How to install the script:

  1. Download the archived files (*.ZIP);
  2. Unpack the archive, select language and design;
  3. Open the extracted file in a simple text editor (like Notepad);
  4. Find "http%3A%2F%2Fsvetitskiy.blogspot.com" expression in opened text;
  5. Copy all the resulting replacement text in the right place of HTML-code of your site, blog or forum;
  6. Save changes.
WARNING! Due to the fact that the widget uses Javascript, don't install it in the Livejournal.com, free hosting Wordpress.com and a number of other free services that will not work because they do not allow the use of Javascript in your posts. Of the free options suitable, for example, use Blogger.Com. How it works, you can see here.

If you know more about some people in Libya, which regularly reports on Twitter, Facebook or other resources for information about the events in Libya, which witnesses they are - please let me know their contact information (profiles in social networks, address pages, blogs and more)! I will try to add new resources you found in this magical widget as soon as possible.
Use Syndicated News Feed that includes reports from the reliable source only
Sign the petition supporting independent Libya, stop the WAR! http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/free-libya/

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